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    Diana Jameson Hi James! It’s Diana, I just wanted to let you know that we have to reschedule...
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    Jake Parker Great, I’ll see you tomorrow!.
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    Elaine Dreyfuss We’ll have to check that at the office and see if the client is on board with...
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    You, Faye, Ed & Jet +3 Ed: Yeah! Seems fine by me!
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Hi guys, get to know us in a different way and listen into our girl talk about random stuff, our travels and the latest updates to PrivateStory.

#01 - The one about PrivateStory

Welcome to our PrivateStory. This is our very first Podcast ever. We are very new to this format but we want to become so much better. Perfect comes with practise, so this is kind of what we are doing here. Listen to GuiltyCaprice, SusanB, Kerosin and KaylaDavis talk about what PrivateStory is all about and what you can expect.